Virtualidade na Educação digital

24 de fevereiro de 2012

Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) researchers have developed OpenWonderland, a prototype platform that merges the real world with a copy in the virtual world so that students can be immersed in a hybrid learning environment that facilitates language learning. The researchers developed OpenWonderland using an open code platform to create distributed three-dimensional virtual worlds. The purpose is to utilize the immersion characteristics that virtual worlds offer along with the interaction of reality, the virtual world, and the hybrid world to create e-learning activities. “We created a mirror of the real world, in this case of the Gran Via in the capital, and we superimposed digital information on the reality that the users observed through a camera and a mobile phone screen; this way we were able to create a world of enhanced reality,” says UC3M professor Maria Blanca Ibanez. Students who are in the system can see the movements of the avatar who represents the teacher, who may really be in the street, and who can, in turn, interact with the students with a mobile phone. The researchers say the technology will motivate students to participate in the learning process due to the interactive nature of the activities and because they are able to experience a variety of situations

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